Administration & Mini Lab
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  • Student’s Attendance, Progress records, SMS alerts, and Email alerts are being managed by Nuclear Academy’s back-office automation software.
  • Biometric attendance Machine near the classroom is in sync with class management software. Student’s entry and exit from the classroom is automatically recorded in the system. All punch records are available anytime. In case a student is absent, a message is sent to their parent’s registered mobile number.
  • We have a question paper generator software with millions of multiple-choice questions to choose from. It facilitates the teachers to arrange MCQ tests in just a few clicks. 
  • We also have an OMR bubble sheet scanner application to read and evaluate bubble sheets submitted by the students. It enables admin staff to speed up the post-exam process and declare student’s result in time. 
  • We have a good collection of lab equipment, measuring instruments, electronic components, etc. 
  • Students are encouraged to perform experimental activities for conceptual understanding of the subject in off lecture hours.
  • Some biological charts, mathematical tables, formulae sheets, and 3-dimensional models are also made available to enhance the visualization of complicated concepts.
  • In addition to these video demonstrations of some experiments are also made available to the students to help them in practical.
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