Infrastructure & IT Facilities
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  • All our branches are located in magnanimous buildings which are accessible by any local transport such as bus, two-wheelers, and a car. 
  • The premises have sufficient parking lots, washrooms, and snack outlets.
  • Our offices have a waiting lounge for students, parents, and teachers. 
  • Our AC classrooms are well ventilated and have a comfortable seating arrangement. These classrooms also double up as study rooms for the students after lecture hours.
  • Our computer lab is an integral part of our activity. It consists of desktops, laptops, and tabs equipped with printers, scanners, and internet connectivity, etc. which are available to the students on requests.
  • We have classrooms well equipped with whiteboards and markers as well as an LCD projector and Audio system for interesting and joyful teaching. We use innovative software and animations to explain difficult concepts in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. We arrange video lectures of well-known faculties on a projector in off lecture hours on student’s requests. 
  • Monitoring the classrooms and student's activities is a key issue for the majority of parents. We have CCTV surveillance systems installed on entire premises so that we can continuously monitor student’s safety and their activities.
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