Nuclear Events & Career guidance Seminars
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  • We regularly conduct career guidance seminars to make students aware of different career options and help them to choose the right career. 
  • Time to time we keep on calling experts in different fields like medical, engineering, agricultural, veterinary science, pharmacy, etc to guide the students.
  • Also, interactions with x-nuclearians boost up students' confidence. 
  • On the basis of counseling sessions, we try to understand the student’s natural inclination. Accordingly, we advise students to choose a future course of action in case the student is confused about which stream to go.
  • We run a quarterly magazine YUVA fully devoted to education and career. It includes information about different career options after 10th, 12th, graduation, and different courses, colleges, their admission fees, admission procedure, college reputation and placement facility on the campus, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities and events are often organized by Nuclear Academy. These activities help students to know their inherent talent and aptitude. These activities include seminars, workshops, personality development, and career guidance seminar, sports, picnic
  • One day return trip is organized for student’s refreshments once in 11thstd.
  • Sporting events are arranged once in 11th std.
  • Cultural programs are a joyful & undivided part of the farewell. It includes singing, dancing, music, folk, funny games and much more…
  • Students suffer from lots of stress & strain. Stress management seminars are useful to relieve stress & strain.
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