Nuclear Library & E Learning
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  • The nuclear library is our pride. It has publications of the state as well as CBSE syllabus with notes, refreshers, and guides. The library is regularly updated with the latest books.
  • We have the best collection of reference books essential for various competitive examinations.
  • Educational tab, pen drives, and video lecture CD/DVD are also made available to the students for additional practice.
  • In addition to the newspaper, reputed periodicals, science magazines, and journals also make an important contribution to the student’s knowledge.
  • Our library is also available online, where students can access a huge collection of reference books just on a click of a button. 
  • Nuclear Website is full of important educational content for students.
  • Nuclear E-learning page contains links to important educational websites, Ebooks, animations and video lectures
  • Question papers, formulae sheets, homework assignments, Daily practice sheets, animations, and graphics are also available for download at our website.
  • Apart from this, the students can also subscribe and attempt the online test.
  • Student’s progress can be accessed from the student login page.
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