Text Books

12th Science Maharashtra State Board Text Books

12th Physics

XII th Physics Textbook.pdf

12th Chemistry

XII th Chemistry Textbook.pdf

12th Maths-I

XII th Maths I Textbook.pdf

12th Maths-II

XII th Maths II Textbook.pdf

12th Biology

XII Biology Textbook.pdf

12th English

XII th English Textbook.pdf

11th Science Maharashtra State Board Text Books

11th Physics

XI th Physics textbook.pdf

11th Chemistry

XI th Chemistry textbook.pdf

11th Maths-I

XI th Mathematics I Textbook.pdf

11th Maths-II

XI th Mathematics II Textbook.pdf

11th Biology

XI th Biology textbook.pdf

10th Maharashtra State Board Text Books

10th Science-I

10th science 1.pdf

10th Science-II

10th science 2.pdf

10th Maths-I

10th maths 1.pdf

10th Maths-II

10th maths 2.pdf

12th Science CBSE Text Books

12th Physics I

Std 12 Physics Part-I

12th Physics II

Std 12 Physics Part-II

12th Chemistry I

Std 12 Chemistry Part-I

12th Chemistry II

Std 12 Chemistry Part-II

12th Maths-I

Std 12 Mathematics Part-I

12th Maths-II

Std 12 Mathematics Part-II

12th Biology

Std 12 zBiology.pdf

11th Science CBSE Text Books

11th Physics I

Std 11 Physics Part-I

11th Physics II

Std 11 Physics Part-II

11th Chemistry I

Std 11 Chemistry Part-I

11th Chemistry II

Std 11 Chemistry Part-II

11th Maths

Std 11 Mathematics

11th Biology

Std 11 Biology

9th and 10th CBSE Text Books

10th Science

05 - Std'10 - Science.pdf

10th Mathematics

03 - Std'10 - Mathematics.pdf

9th Science

06 - Std'09 - Science.pdf

9th Mathematics

03 - Std'09 - Mathematics.pdf

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Physics Formulae


11th and 12th

Chem Formulae


11th and 12th

Maths Formulae


11th and 12th