Nuclear Academy is one of the leading coaching institutes in Pune. We provide science coaching classes for the 11th & 12th, classes for JEE (Mains & Advanced), classes for the medical entrance exam NEET, and classes for MHT-CET. We help students to shape their careers in extremely prestigious areas of Medical Sciences and Engineering. We help them to get good grades and guide them about the best future.

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Nuclear Academy is one of the leading coaching institutes in Pune. Academy makes sure good classrooms with acoustics and appropriate sitting arrangement to students and the best environment. We help you to shape your career into extremely prestigious areas of Medical Sciences and Engineering. We help you to get good grades and guide you about the best future.

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We help you to shape your career into extremely prestigious areas of Medical Sciences and Engineering. We help you to get good grades and guide you about the best future. We provide science coaching classes for 11th 12th, classes for JEE-Mains, JEE-Advanced, classes for medical entrance exam NEET, and classes for MHT-CET. Every lecture deals with theory concepts, solved & unsolved examples, daily practice sessions etc. With our modern techniques and unique teaching way, we contribute to your success.

The overall development of the student depends upon a number of factors like study material, Assessment, Feedback, etc.

All About Our Unique Features

1) Coaching & Preparation

  • Faculties are the key to success. Classroom courses are guided by the most experienced, eminent and creative teachers. We have two professors for each subject in our core teaching team.

  • Additionally, there is an exerciser faculty for each subject who takes care of homework checking, paper checking etc.

  • Our dedicated teaching staff is always available to deal with any difficulty being faced by the students before, during and after the lecture time. Each of our faculty member is fully equipped to deal with problems during student’s self-study.

  • Apart from this, Expert guest lecturers visit our academy from time to time to guide the students. Interactive lectures with scientific and result oriented teaching methodology is a unique feature of NUCLEAR ACADEMY

  • The batches have a limited capacity to ensure that every student gets his or her share of the opportunity to interact with the faculty members. The small batch size ensures individual interaction between the faculty and the student. This facilitates student to get time with the faculty to resolve issues related to individual subjects and topics.

  • We conduct our coaching program meticulously covering every topic and explaining every basic concept.

  • Every lecture deals with theory concepts, solved – unsolved examples, discussion of daily assignments.

  • Students are made familiar with techniques and skills required to analyze and solve problems accurately and quickly.

  • Lectures are planned consistently till the chapter is over.

  • Regular doubt sessions and revision lectures are arranged to keep students updated with concepts both old and new.

2) Study Material & Schedule

  • At Nuclear Academy, we provide an extensive study material in the form of printed notes, Classwork Sheets, Home assignments, etc. These notes include important questions, sufficient number of solved & unsolved numerical problems and multiple choice questions. These notes have been prepared keeping competitive exams in the mind.

  • We also have prepared in depth notes of each subject especially for JEE/MH-CET/AIPMT containing chapter wise synopsis and level wise MCQs.

  • We provide fundamental notes based on the basic concepts in science and maths learnt in school.

  • Students can also access soft copies of notes and animations.

  • We have month wise planning of full syllabus which ensures step by step development of the student.

  • It includes planning of Regular lectures, doubt sessions, revision lectures, chapter wise tests, group tests, and full syllabus test series etc. This schedule is made available to the students every month.

  • A separate 7-8 hrs workout is designed on Sundays for the students preparing for Engg and medical entrance exams which includes JEE, NEET lectures and Tests.

  • Suitable morning, afternoon and evening batches are offered as per college time table and student’s convenience. Besides this, if a student has missed any lecture due to an unavoidable reason, he/she will always have an option to attend the same lecture in another batch.

3) Assessment & Feedback

  • A test is conducted on every chapter that is covered in class and the same is discussed in very next lecture to enhance examination skills.

  • Cumulative group tests are also conducted time to time to help students revise the chapters already taught.

  • Separate tests are conducted on JEE/MH-CET/NEET.

  • Three rounds of final test-series are conducted after completion of whole syllabus.

  • Students are given a 20 MCQ’s practice sheet to solve on daily basis the solutions of which are displayed on the notice board the next day. These tests are also available online.

  • Besides homework and oral sessions and score in the tests, the students are assessed on psychological point of view.

  • We have a system in place wherein we evaluate every aspect of a student's performance in class, their performance in tests as well as their behavioral attitude.

4) Online & Offline Test:

  • Students are encouraged to attempt daily practice tests online / offline as per their convenience.

  • Online tests can be attempted on any device like mobile/tab/laptop/desktop connected to internet using your unique username and password provided at the time of admission.

  • Result is generated and sent to the student’s mobile and email address immediately after the test is completed.

  • Detailed question wise analysis with hints and solutions is available after the test.

  • Students can retake the test on the same chapter with different questions for additional practice.

  • Paper setting is done by subjects experts so as to include important questions and paper Checking is done as per board pattern.

  • Printed question paper, answer paper and OMR bubble sheet is provided for every test.

  • Tests are conducted under strict supervision to make students familiar with examination hall atmosphere.

  • Model answer paper / Hints and Solutions are made available to the students after the test.

5) SMS and E-mail alerts

  • We keep a record of all tests marks as well as attendance and save it in online software so as to access it anytime anywhere.

  • Files of test papers are maintained for every student.

  • We also keep track of homework, oral sessions, Daily practice tests (online/offline) given by the students.

  • We also maintain extra study musters to record student’s entry and exit in off lecture hours.

  • All these records are made available to students as well as parents time to time.Parents are notified through SMS and E-mail about the date and time of every test two days prior it is held.

  • If the student’s remains absent for the test, parents are informed on the same day through call SMS and E-mail.

  • Student’s score in each test is sent via SMS and E-mail 4 days after the test is held.

  • Overall monthly performance reports and attendance reports are sent to the parents through SMS and E-mail on 10th of every month.Printed copies of performance reports are given to the students before 10th of every month.

6) Student Parent Login & Android App

    • All the student related reports are uploaded regularly on our website.

    • These Reports are available on any computer, tab or a mobile connected to internet.

    • Parents can access their student’s performance report, attendance report,lecture schedule, upcoming test schedule and graphical test report etc. online by using unique username and password provided at the time of admission.

    • We have developed parent’s communication app which can be downloaded from google play store.

    • It helps students and parents to view notices, class events calendar, comparison with topper and average in the class, exam schedule and much more…

    • Students can get push notifications about changes in govt. policies, upcoming entrance exams etc.

    • You can give your valuable feedback and suggestions directly through the app.

7) Parents-Teacher Interactions

  • Unless students are interacted and are talked to, they will not understand where they are lacking, neither faculties will understand what is hindering their progress. Taking this fact into consideration we conduct one to one and group counseling session with the students.

  • We provide expert counselling to students who for any reason are in a dilemma as to how they needto go about with their preparations.

  • Counselor not only explains the ways to avoid various distractions and manage stress, but also gives a systematic and positive approach towards studies.

  • Counseling sessions help the students appear for the exam with a cool and balanced mind.

  • We conduct monthly meetings in class in order to take feedback and suggestions from the students about class workout and make changes accordingly wherever needed.

  • Parents are called up on a regular basis in order to discuss about their student’s performance.These discussions are very effective in improving student’s performance.

  • Apart from this, parents meetings are arranged twice in an academic year to inform student’s progress.

  • If the student remains absent for the lecture/comes late/leave early from the class, parents are intimated through a call.

  • We at Nuclear Academy believe in scientific workout which includes motivating seminars, counseling sessions, and encouraging words to make the students realize their potential.

  • Purposeful attempts are made in order to maintain Healthy and competitive atmosphere in the classroom.

  • All the staff working here behaves with the students in a friendly and disciplined manner.

  • We conduct regular teachers meetings in order to collect their suggestions and feedback on class workout and also to give them student’s feedback to bring about consistent improvements in their contribution.

  • Nuclear Academy is the only institute with student as a center philosophy and it reflects in each of our policy decision.

8) Infrastructure & IT Facilities

    • All our branches are located in magnanimous buildings which are accessible by any local transport such as bus, two wheeler and car.

    • The premises have sufficient parking lots, washrooms, and snacks outlets.

    • Our offices have waiting lounge for students, parents and teachers.

    • Our AC classrooms are well ventilated and have comfortable seating arrangement. These classrooms also double up as study rooms for the students after lecture hours.

    • Our computer lab is an integral part of our activity. It consists of desktops, laptops and tabs equipped with printers, scanners and internet connectivity etc. which are available to the students on requests.

    • We have classrooms well equipped with whiteboards and markers as well as LCD projector and Audio system for interesting and joyful teaching. We use innovative softwares and animations to explain difficult concepts in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. We arrange video lectures of well-known faculties on projector in off lecture hours on student’s requests.

    • Monitoring the classrooms and students activities is a key issue for the majority of parents. We have CCTV surveillance system installed in entire premises so that we can continuously monitor student’s safety and their activities.

9) Nuclear Library & E Learning

    • Nuclear library is our pride. It has publications of state as well as CBSE syllabus with notes, refreshers and guides. The library is regularly updated with latest books.

    • We have the best collection of reference books essential for various competitive examinations.

    • Educational tab, pen drives and video lecture CD/DVD are also made available to the students for additional practice.

    • In addition to newspaper, reputed periodicals, science magazines and journals also make an important contribution to the student’s knowledge.

    • Our library is also available online, where students can access a huge collection of reference books just on a click of a button.

    • Nuclear Website is full of important educational content for students.

    • Nuclear E-learning page contains links to important educational websites, E- books, animations and video lectures

    • Question papers, formulae sheets, homework assignments, Daily practice sheets, animations and graphics are also available for downloading at our website.

    • Apart from this, the students can also subscribe and attempt online test.

    • Student’s progress can be accessed from student login page.

10) Administration & Mini Lab

    • Student’s Attendance, Progress records, SMS alerts and Email alerts are being managed by Nuclear Academy’s back office automation software.

    • Biometric attendance Machine near the classroom is in sync with class management software. Student’s entry and exit from the classroom is automatically recorded in the system. All punch records are available anytime. In case a student is absent, a message is sent to their parent’s registered mobile number.

    • We have a question paper generator software with millions of multiple choice questions to choose from. It facilitates the teachers to arrange MCQ’s tests in just few clicks.

    • We also have OMR bubble sheet scanner application to read and evaluate bubble sheets submitted by the students. It enables admin staff to speed up post exam process and declare student’s result in time.

    • We have a good collection of lab equipment, measuring instruments, electronic components etc.

    • Students are encouraged to perform experimental activities for conceptual understanding of the subject in off lecture hours.

    • Some biological charts, mathematical tables, formulae sheets and 3 dimensional models are also made available to enhance visualization of complicated concepts.

    • In addition to these video demonstrations of some experiments are also made available to the students to help them in practical.

11) Events & Career guidance Seminars

    • We regularly conduct career guidance seminars to make students aware about different career options and help them to choose right career.

    • Time to time we keep on calling experts in different fields like medical, engineering, agricultural, veterinary science, pharmacy etc to guide the students.

    • Also interactions with x-nuclearians boosts up students confidence.

    • On the basis of counseling sessions we try to understand student’s natural inclination. Accordingly we advise students to choose future course of action in case student is confused about which stream to go.

    • We run a quarterly magazine YUVA fully devoted to education and career. It includes information about different career options after 10th, 12th, graduation and different courses, colleges, their admission fees, admission procedure, college reputation and placement facility in the campus, etc.

    • Extracurricular activities and events are often organized by Nuclear Academy. These activities help students to know their inherent talent and aptitude. These activities includes seminars, workshops, personality development and career guidance seminar, sports, picnic

    • One day return trip is organized for student’s refreshment once in 11thstd.

    • Sporting events are arranged once in 11th std.

    • Cultural programs are joyful & undivided part of farewell. It includes singing, dancing, music, folk, funny games and much more…

    • Students suffer from lots of stress & strain. Stress management seminars are useful to relieve stress & strain.

12) Motivation & Social Awareness

    • We conduct motivational seminars time to time to encourage students to achieve their success.

    • We promote competitive environment and develop team-spirit within them.

    • Genuine candidates are awarded with scholarships and prizes in accordance with their performance at various levels.

    • In view of motivating the students, “icon of the week”title is given to the student appearing first in chapter wise test of a particular subject.

    • Certificate of achievement is allotted to the students scoring 75% and above in online tests.

    • We run some social campaigns like “Save water”, Green the Earth”, Avoid Pollution” etc.

    • We conduct scientific exhibitions.

    • We also give Scholarships and Awards to needy and hardworking students.


Vishrantwadi Branch


Plot No.A90, Kasturba Housing Society,

Near State Bank Of India, Vishrantwadi,


Office Mobile : 7276856441



Connaught Place Branch


Office No.136/137, First Floor, Connaught Place,

Bund Garden Road, Near Wadia College,


Office No: 02041207798 / 9665050365