Director's Words 

Dear Students, Welcome to Nuclear Academy, We are delighted to introduce you to an entirely new Revolutionary approach of, a highly scientific, innovative Coaching institute in Pune. We know that success in the board as well as in competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, MH-CET, & many more lies in understanding basic fundamentals, practicing them hard & their application in exams.

So we focus on feeding roots & making your foundation strong. Our vast experience of teaching thousands of students reveals that one can easily crack Engg., Medi. & other entrance examinations. But it needs perfect planning + consistent hard work + perfect study material + correct guidance to have a winning edge. We understand this fact very well. Hence we have designed our academic program in a scientific manner that develops problem-solving skills, shortcuts, use mnemonics, and proper time management which helps to prepare you to face entrance examinations with confidence.

Nuclear Belief

               In order to achieve this, we have a team of dedicated & devoted teachers of high caliber & efficiency with genuine concern for building a student’s future. Our system is highly scientific as well as result-oriented, therefore when you join Nuclear Academy your success is sure. And after all, if you find a place among top rankers then our efforts are worth it.

               Nuclear Academy believes that every student has potential, every student has talent. Talent may be different but is unique of its kind. Besides preparing the students for examinations, our objective is to set up the tools to identify, nurture, and develop the talent in the student’s personality and make the career decision based on the same. The next few years are going to play a very important role in the educational field.

               Educational terms like teacher, classroom, blackboard, homework, test, result, etc. are changing their definitions day by day. The young generation is very fast and forward with respect to grasping, speed, etc. Keeping all these things in mind, we have equipped all our branches with excellent infrastructure with all the facilities for students’ academic support.

                Besides Audio-Visual Teaching Methodology, we provide the students with a wide variety of other educational and enrichment resources. At the same time, we are highly Systematic, Scientific, Ethical & Logical in teaching methodology. We are an institute that is committed to quality education only & not business-oriented.

Our Story

NUCLEAR ACADEMY is the fastest growing coaching institute for JEE Mains & NEET along with school & Board Studies, Initiated in Pune from the year of 2004. NUCLEAR ACADEMY was established in 2004 with the objective of the overall development of the students. In the era of tremendous competition in every walk of life, it’s necessary for a student to undergo systematic coaching guidance and training programs. Day by day competition is getting tougher and tougher. Getting admission to professional courses like medical engineering, biotechnology, and computer science, has become a challenging task. We believe every student has potential and capacity but it needs to be nurtured and channelized in the proper direction. Students need to understand the scheme of study and the strategy to achieve spectacular success in the goal they have set for themselves. As a famous dictum says, “The one who doesn’t change his opinions his mind is like stagnant water which only breeds reptiles”. We at Nuclear Academy constantly keep ourselves abreast of changing time and bring changes in our teaching methods accordingly. We constantly study the changing syllabus and exam patterns and deliver them to our students in the best possible manner. We had very few students enrolled in NUCLEAR ACADEMY in the year it was established; today we have four branches with 6 batches of 11th std and 6 batches of 12th std. Many other things have also been changed in the last few years but this all could happen just because of the faith you showed in us.