We have developed Parent Communication App for Android mobile which can be downloaded from google play. It helps students and parents to see Notices, Attendance , results, comparison of topper and Average, class events calendar, time table, exam schedule and much more. Students can get push notification about important updates. In order to log in to Nuclear app, a Student is required to enter your Branch code, your unique username and password provided to you at the time admission

In case If you have not got username and password, please contact the class admin of respective branch or Send your Name, Mobile number, Email ID and group (PCM / PCB / PCMB) to the following mobile number: 9665050365.

Alternatively, you may send your contact information at the following

Email ID - nuclearacademypune@gmail.com

You will receive your password in SMS and in Email.


Method 1 - Downloading the app directly from Mobile Phone

  • Go to menu on your Smart Phone.

  • Tap on the icon of Google Play.

  • On the Search bar enter 'Nuclear academy'.

  • Tap on the below icon for 'Nuclear academy'.

  • Install the 'Nuclear academy App' on the mobile.

  • While installing make sure that you select the option for automatic update and grant the required permissions.

  • Once you install the app, you will see 'Nuclear app' icon on the Apps page on your mobile.

  • Click the 'Nuclear academy' icon and enter the Branch code, username, and password provided to you by email or SMS.

  • Contact +91 9665050365 for any assistance.

Method 2. Downloading from Laptop / Desktop using internet

  • Connect your smart phone to the laptop/desktop using data cable.

  • Click on the following link

  • Install the app. While installing make sure that you select the option for automatic update.

  • Once you install the app, you will see Nuclear Academy app icon on the Apps page on your mobile.

  • Click the Nuclear academy app icon and enter the username and password provided to you by email or SMS.

  • Contact +91 9665050365 for any assistance.

please go through this video for more details on how to attend the live lectures and give the tests etc.

Salient Features

Batch Shedule

Timeline gives students all the notification that are notified by the Institute in just one view like whatsapp and gmail. Timeline is the tab on your mobile screen where all the events will be seen according to the date they have been issued. These events include tests, homework or any other announcement made. All these events that are notified by the Institute can be viewed at a glance.

Exams and Results

Exams and Results will let student & parents know the performance of the the academics.Students will have a track of their results and exams in the form of graph.

Information of each test held, your attendance for it and score if appeared can easily be known now with the help of

Attendance Reports

Institute will notify the students about their daily,weekly or monthly attendance to their students.Students will have an view about their attendance in respect to class and exams.

Student & Parent will have idea about the students concerned for lectures as well tests conducted. In a calendar view, the days absent will be highlighted and each date will also inform about the topics covered that particular day.

Performance report

At the commencement of a new month, monthly record of the attendance and performance of a student will be sent to him/her and the parents mobile app monthly attendance & performance will be shown using graphical overview.

It will provide representation of lectures attendance over the total lectures conducted as well as attendance for each lecture. Performance report of a student in a particular subject or the overall performance can be seen optionally.

Download Section

Homework plays an important part in the application.Even though the student is absent he will be notified with the homework with description and last date of submission.So in case students forget about the homework he can just login and check what is the homework.

So in case a student does not attend lecture he still will have idea about what is taught in the class that particular day and homework to be submitted for the same.

Feedback & Remarks

Feedback & Remarks form a crucial part of Nuclear app. Students can provide feedback from his/her mobile app regarding any matter.Teachers can also provide remarks to any students regarding: Poor performance in academics, Poor attendance, Inappropriate behavior in campus,