Lab Experiments

This section contains video demonstrations of various experiments for various topics in physics, chemistry, maths, and Biology for 11th and 12th standard state board as well as CBSE syllabus

11th Physics

Vernier Callipers
Radius of sphere by Vernier Callipers
Micrometer Screw Guage
Diameter of wire by Micrometer Screw Guage 
Physicsl Balance
Parallelogram law of vector addition
Magnetic Lines Of Force
Refractive Index Of Material Of A Prism
focal length of a Convex Lens
focal length of a Concave Mirror
Ohm’s Law Verification
Ohms Law
Laws of series and parallel Combination of resistance
Apparent Expansion Of A Liquid
Specific Heat Of A Solid
Convex  mirror
Refractive index of a glass slab

11th Chemistry

11th Biology

12th Physics

Force Constant Of A Spring 
Period of simple pendulum
Surface Tension Of A Liquid
Surface tension
Velocity Of Sound In Air by resonance tube
Frequency of AC by Melde's Experiment
Unknown Resistance Meter Bridge
Comparision of emfs by Potentiometer
Interna Resistance Of a Cell by Potentiometer
Transistor Characteristics
P-N Junction diode Characteristics

12th Chemistry

12th Biology